Behind Closed Doors: Our Orwellian ‘Family’ Courts; a system Kim II Sung would be proud of.

A father’s fight to see his son’ – in Thomas Moore’s book,  he takes us inside the living nightmare of the family court, and exposes a system riddled with bias, prejudice and bigotry.

Thomas Moore is undoubtably an impressive man; to survive the unutterably bad and blatantly abusive family courts of the United Kingdom is no mean feat. Few relationships survive. Few families live to tell the tale. Society is almost single-handedly decimated by the purest bigotry and sexism it is possible to experience in the free West; where equality is assumed and held up as the modus operandi of our politicians and governments. Actually, it is insanity that passes for ‘justice’ in these, the most Orwellian of institutions: the secretive ‘family’ courts.

Why are they called ‘family’, I often wonder? Nothing could be further from the connotations of that word; no place more antithetical to the warmth, security, hope, love and humanity that that word and all its associations conjures. It reminds me of countries that are so bad, they must appear at all costs to be good, at least in their disconcerting nomenclature. Think: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Secretive, unaccountable, inhumane, bureaucratic and littered with ‘double speak’ where, like 1984- (published in 1948, the year of North Korea’s establishment in that peninsula, and so apposite to the regime that ruled it, that one could almost imagine Kim Ill Sung being handed a copy and asked “Do you think we could give this idea the old college try?” to quote the late, great Christopher Hitchens. In this world, up is down, down is up, good is bad and bad is good. It was in the very language of that analogy that one found the terrifying hand of the state, the ‘Ministry of Peace’, the ‘Ministry of Love’ and best of all, the ‘Ministry of Truth, and it is in the ‘Family’ Courts, with their disgusting premise of acting and upholding the principle that everything is done ‘in the best interests of the child’ ( a wicked and ironic deceit ) that the parallel is most apt, most shocking, most indictable.

The nonsense one has to endure cannot be easily imagined, fathomed, or forgiven. The abuse of children is on a scale that, only unless you’ve been involved directly in our country’s greatest secret shame, simply cannot be believed.

It was out of this nightmare of Orwellian totalitarianism that Fathers4Justice were formed; making family law injustice visible, and for the first time shining a light on the abuse, and holding the scumbags responsible to some count of public criticism and scrutiny.

At the time of Moore’s terrible ordeal, Fathers4Justice were bringing hateful and vile injustices such as his to the world’s attention. Batman was scaling Buckingham Palace, a Prime Minister was being attacked in the Commons, motorways, courts and major places of prominence were being bought to a grinding halt in the wake of civil disobedience; campaigns led by national and regional groups of men everywhere. Political manifestos were also published, outlining a different future, a future of hope, and justice, and equality. Men and women tired, frustrated and outraged at what was happening to their children in the name of ‘justice’ were standing up, ready to be counted.

Every national newspaper ran the group’s audacious protests on their front page, several times in the decade known as the naughties, unprecedented coverage for any protest group, anywhere. Respected editorial spaces were given over to comment on it. Rolling news had a swell time covering their highly emotive antics; commentators were writing about the issue of fathers rights, where before it had never even registered, not in thirty years of polite, gentlemanly conversation. Now, ‘fathers rights’ was an actual concept, one that was a household name.

Debate, for the first time, centred around the issue; it seemed everyone in the commentating of public discourse had an opinion. Oftentimes the debate would be surrounding the relative merits of the group’s tactics in bringing the cause to public attention, rather than the issue of family law practice itself; this always missed the point though; only an idiot would argue against equality, only an idiot would disagree that fathers and mothers should be trusted and treated equally in the eyes of the law, as they are in the eyes of their children. The debate was over on this point, it was a mute point, the argument was won.

F4J captured the feeling of disgust and harnessed public outrage to try their best to hold the judiciary and politicians to account, and in doing so, created and built a new zeitgeist. There’s no mention of the group here, which seems bizarre considering the context of protest and public debate that was happening at the time.

This particular account catalogs a system that destroyed this family. It seemed to me while reading that Mr Moore is capable of far more patience and grace under fire than I would ever have managed under similar circumstances; indeed it’s often a sense of ‘banging one’s head against the wall’ which would have driven me insane. Nonetheless, his Herculean struggle against the pernicious practices and ‘professionals’ that actually make a living out of, quite simply, the wholesale abuse of human rights is truly a miserable indictment of Great Britain today; a country in clear contravention of article 8 of the European Declaration of Human Rights; namely that right to a family life without the unjustified intervention and involvement from the state. If Moore ever did threaten to wreak revenge on these monsters, if he ever told them to rot in hell for their antics, as I would have done, he never reveals it to the reader, which seems like almost beatific calm and restraint.

It is, despite the joyous reunification of father and son, a story that contains the destruction, willfully and blindly in just about equal measure, of a family, a heinous crime against human justice and equality and dignity and love. It is surprisingly gentle in brandishing outrage, in its denunciation. Unfortunately, and unbelievably perhaps, this wretched account is by no stretch the worst case I’ve encountered. It’s not nearly as disgusting a case as I’ve come across, it’s not as mindless as some accounts I’ve heard, witnessed and experienced. These observations fill me with a profound and longing depression.

Bizarrely, at one memorable point in the book, and in absolute contrast to the thuggery that goes unchallenged most of the time, he recounts how one Judge Jones-if I recall, actually refused to let Thomas ‘give up’ on his contact application after dealing with odds so great, and circumstances so distressing that I can totally understand Thomas’ reasoning; here the said Judge refused to let him throw in the towel. If this isn’t an anomaly, and an extraordinary piece of perception too on Jones’ part, considering the standard response from family court judges who usually do everything they can to decimate and destroy (or at least to not intervene while the other side tries) your life and your future, then I don’t know what is. Such people are very rare in the courts. The universally understood rule in these places is: “You’re a father? Fuck off!”.

The ‘system’ to end all ‘systems’ did what it does best here; emasculation: evacuating men’s personalities, removing their fight, their anger, their pride, their tenacity and strength. All of these fine qualities, these vital qualities of manhood, often despised by feminists worried that we’re all brawn and no brain,  are used against men as if to justify the bigoted lunatics who dispose of fathers because they’re strong, determined and courageous.

These characteristics of maleness are deemed as a threat by the Feminazis, and one that must be neutralised throughout the apparatus of family law. But such traits though are not only desirable, but even more essential to demonstrate and uphold as the qualities they are, and the models they inspire in our children, especially when they’re under such pitiless assault by the feminist, ‘all fathers (never mind separated fathers) are potential wife-beating, child molesting scumbags ‘ brigade. And the metaphorical castrating is complete. Men are reduced to nothing and by extension our boys’ future diminished immeasurably.

Mr Moore survived. Countless others have not, either they have lost their hope, their families, their future, their dignities or their life in the struggle. Many will have lost all. To the nameless, unaccounted ones, I hereby make a solemn vow, your stories will also be told in the fullness of time.

As an individual who has experienced the nonsense of family law personally, and as someone who is still fighting its obscenities now in the public policy arena in addition to my own individual struggle, this account does not, I’m afraid to say, in any way surprise me. For even greater horrors, read Mark Harris’ blistering account of family law abuse in his excellent book, ‘Family Court Hell’.

There are also, thank God, reasons to be hopeful for manhood and fatherhood, and thus society, as trail blazing critics of gender-biased policies use the pen as the sword, and cut through the bullshit. Read ‘Stand by your Manhood’, a stunning defence of the 3.5 billion men on earth by Peter Lloyd. I have also had some involvement with the wonderful Karen Woodall at the Family Separation Clinic; a woman of immense intellect, humanity and damn common sense, who also happens to be a vigorous and rigorous and tireless academic shining the disinfecting light of day onto the understanding of parental alienation, family law, public policy, CAFCASS, SS, and all the apparatus of Family Law Plc.  Her fine work is credited here, and all I can say is that if Karen and her husband Nick were policy makers in family law, back up everyone. “Family law works”.

Meanwhile, back in the miserable Alice in Wonderland reality of ‘Family’ Law in the UK in 2015, we can only hope that this new wave of intelligent and sensible and humane bunch of writers and campaigners all of them ‘doing their thing’ will one day usher in a system where the ‘best interests of the child’ really are of paramount consideration, rather than a politically correct euphemism for the abuse and torture of our children in the Gulags that are our secret family courts, administered by the Harriet Bin Harman’s of this world.


2 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors: Our Orwellian ‘Family’ Courts; a system Kim II Sung would be proud of.

  1. Anne Tyler says:

    It is just as bad in the United States. My exdaughterinlaw has, for 10 years, maliciously worked to seperate my grandson from his father who is my son and a very good, loving father. She filled my grandson’s head with lies and only recently made malicious accusations thru the State so that my son could not even talk to his son on the phone, now a year later, after all kinds of PROFESSIONALS who say they put the child first, even though the charges against my son were found unsubstantiated and even though one person finally admitted that it is my exdaughter-in-law who is causing all this pain and sorrow, not just once, but deliberately, day after day, none of these people have acted too stop it. They swarmed in on my son when she falsely accused him but now there is proof from my grandson’s own mouth and all they do is talk about counseling and therapy and supervised visits and MONEY – that’s at the bottom of it all, they are all vultures who have a captive audience, you can’t take your business elsewhere, they are vicious, evil people pretending to care, inserting themselves in the middle of this whole thing and in essence rewarding the vindictive hateful person responsible. anyone knows if you try to change bad behavior you don’t reward it but that’s what they are doing, she has so successfully poisoned my grandson’s mind and made him so weak and dependent on her, fearing her abandonment even while she abuses him, that they say they can’t remove him it would be too traumatic, is that not the most insane thing you ever heard. She’s been so diligent, not in the heat of the moment, but deliberately minute by minute tearing apart father and son, she’s turned my grandson into a freak, really, he’s 10 years old and angry and anti-social, now he too has become abusive and a thief and a liar – I have watched my son be humiliated and lied about – for some reason everyone believes her lies but any attempt to reveal what she does is treated with suspicion. I alternate on a huge vast emotional scale, somewhere between despair, depression, and extreme anger. My son’s ex-wife honestly believes she should get the mother of the year award, after all she’s a Christian – but underneath all that she is conniving and ruthless. This is SO WRONG, its bad enough what she does but then the court charges a fortune along with all the counselors and guardians etc. not to make things better but instead they make them worse. It’s about ego’s and power trips by people who are supposed to investigate but instead they use people like puppets. Its impossible not to loathe and truly hate them.

  2. barry angel (@KV2BARRY) says:


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